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  1. Google develops an AI that can learn both chess and Pac-Man

    MuZero handles both rules-based and open-ended games.

  2. Trump admin. agrees to pay Pfizer $1.95B for 100M more vaccine doses

    Agreement means Pfizer will provide a total of 200M doses, with option for 400M more.

  3. For Biden administration, Fauci’s in, but Birx is not

    Birx was widely seen as too accommodating to Trump but got sidelined anyway.

  4. Rocket Report: SN9 rolls to the launch pad, SLS “wet dress” test ends early

    "It has surely been a year of challenges."

  5. The omnibus bill was packed with energy and environment policy

    DOE gets a long list of clean energy R&D projects.

  6. Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings have unique microbiomes, study finds

    Research could help slow down deterioration of aging artwork, unmask counterfeits.

  7. SARS-CoV-2’s spread to wild mink not yet a reason to panic

    A monitoring program picked up a single case and no indications of wider spread.

  8. “America’s doctor,” Anthony Fauci, gets Moderna vaccine

    Fauci was vaccinated alongside NIH director and HHS secretary.

  9. Russia’s space chief is hopping mad over most recent US restrictions

    "The first thing they did is spit into the Samara well."

  10. Yukon gold miner unearths a mummified Ice Age wolf pup

    Look upon the face of an Ice Age predator, and say "Aww."

  11. What we know about the new SARS strain that’s shutting down the UK

    Policy is to treat it like a potential threat, but the emphasis is on "potential."

  12. Russia’s space chief cannot seem to get “gentle” SpaceX out of his mind

    "I wonder if gentle SpaceX is able to work in such conditions?"

  1. Second COVID vaccine approved for use in the US

    More vaccines will help ease shortages, work through priority list.

  2. Wildfire smoke is loaded with microbes. Is that dangerous?

    Researchers want to study potential effects of microbe-filled haze on human health.

  3. A clever strategy to deliver COVID aid—with satellite data

    Togo used image analysis algorithms to target economic support for most vulnerable.

  4. Stanford hospital erupts in protest after vaccine plan leaves out residents [Updated]

    Only 0.5% of the medical residents at Stanford are in on the first round of shots.

  5. NOAA expects La Niña weather patterns through March

    Here's last month's summary and the outlook for the next three.

  6. Biomarkers are how cancers give up their secrets

    An animated look at the evolving science behind modern oncology.

  7. Finger-pointing abounds as states get fewer vaccines than planned

    Pfizer: We have "millions more doses" with no shipping instructions from Feds.

  8. Battery prices have fallen 88 percent over the last decade

    Cheaper batteries are making it easier to fight climate change.

  9. Rocket Report: Angara finally flies again, Falcon 9 customers embrace reuse

    "We've fallen below the number of staff we feel we require."

  10. Moderna vaccine gets the thumbs-up for emergency use

    A daylong meeting results in a decisive vote: 20 for, none against.

  11. Looking into the genetics of severe COVID-19

    Genetics may underlie some of the variability in people's symptoms.

  12. China collects Moon samples, may not share with NASA due to Wolf Amendment

    The country returned about 2kg of rocks from the Moon's surface.

  1. Don’t try this at home: George’s Marvelous Medicine is quite toxic

    Roald Dahl's classic children's story proved "remarkably accurate" about toxic effects.

  2. As the world quieted down in 2020, Raspberry Shakes listened

    Humble Raspberry Pis helped scientists track the seismic noise people stopped making in 2020.

  3. Astra set up a rocket launch with five people and came within seconds of orbit

    "It's a really nice Christmas present for the team."

  4. FDA authorizes use of a nonprescription home COVID test

    Test works with a cellphone app that can alert local health authorities.

  5. FDA releases data on Moderna’s COVID vaccine: It looks good [Updated]

    Data drop comes ahead of a potential Emergency Use Authorization on Thursday.

  6. The Orion spacecraft is now 15 years old and has flown into space just once

    It was supposed to be the beginning of the Mars era.

  7. Canada set to raise carbon price considerably over next decade

    Plan extends price trajectory to CAN$170 per ton by 2030.

  8. COVID-19 vaccine rollout starts in the US

    White House cancels a plan to move its staff to the front of the line.

  9. Virgin Galactic’s stock price drops following failed spaceflight attempt

    “As we do with every test flight, we are evaluating all the data.”

  10. We have a winner in the world’s first quantum chess tournament

    It’s like playing in a multiverse “but the different boards are connected to each other.”

  11. Phosphorus equivalent of graphene makes reconfigurable transistors

    May be useful for security, as it’s hard to tell how the circuitry might execute.

  12. FDA has authorized the first COVID-19 vaccine [Updated]

    FDA head had been told to submit his resignation if vaccine wasn’t approved Friday.