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  1. Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra hits the FCC, confirms S-Pen and Wi-Fi 6E support

    The phone is due out earlier than ever, in mid-January.

  2. Let’s Encrypt comes up with workaround for abandonware Android devices

    When you haven't been updated since 2016, expiring certificates are a problem.

  3. Firefox continues cracking down on tracking with cache partitioning

    Mozilla follows Apple's and Google's leads on partitioning, then one-ups them.

  4. Zero-click iMessage zero-day used to hack the iPhones of 36 journalists

    Malicious messages installed spyware that recorded audio and pics and stole passwords.

  5. After riots, iPhone manufacturer says it “deeply regrets” exploiting workers

    Apple flags Wistron for "violations of our Supplier Code of Conduct."

  6. Microsoft may be developing its own in-house ARM CPU designs

    Bloomberg's unconfirmed report relies on confidential sources within Microsoft.

  7. Some Big Sur users are unable to update macOS due to an MDM bug

    A bug in Mobile Device Management is causing major headaches for some users.

  8. Microsoft president calls SolarWinds hack an “act of recklessness”

    Of 18,000 backdoored servers, hackers followed up on only a few dozen.

  9. Microsoft is reportedly added to the growing list of victims in SolarWinds hack

    Other reported victims include the Energy Department nuke security administration.

  10. SolarWinds hack that breached gov networks poses a “grave risk” to the nation

    Nuclear weapons agency among those breached by state-sponsored hackers.

  11. Twitter repeals retweet roadblocks, Facebook follows suit

    Both Twitter and Facebook are winding down some temporary emergency measures.

  12. Google kills Android Things, its IoT OS, in January

    Google promised three years of updates at launch but stopped updates after one year.

  1. “Evil mobile emulator farms” used to steal millions from US and EU banks

    Scale of operation is unlike anything researchers had seen before.

  2. Qualcomm promises three years of Android updates for its entire SoC lineup

    The new plan is three years of major OS updates and four years of security updates.

  3. Google bought CloudReady, the largest ChromiumOS distribution

    Google says it will continue to offer the free-as-in-beer Home edition.

  4. Up to 3 million devices infected by malware-laced Chrome and Edge add-ons

    Security firm identifies 28 malicious extensions hosted by Google and Microsoft.

  5. Google sees major services outages two days in a row

    Some users are still reporting problems, especially if they use a third-party client.

  6. Apple’s watchOS 7.2 is out, offers new health and fitness metrics

    Apple's health-monitoring claims go far beyond those from typical fitness gear.

  7. iPhone factory workers say they haven’t been paid, cause millions in damages

    Dramatic video shows employees smashing windows in response to pay disputes.

  8. The Google Home Max is dead—Google shuts down production

    The Home Max was $400. It weighed 12 pounds. It was probably too expensive.

  9. SolarWinds hackers have a clever way to bypass multi-factor authentication

    Hackers who hit SolarWinds compromised a think tank three separate times.

  10. ~18,000 organizations downloaded backdoor planted by Cozy Bear hackers

    Russia-backed hackers use supply chain attack to infect public and private organizations.

  11. Get your first look at a OnePlus 9 prototype

    Even the cheaper OnePlus 9 will have a 120Hz display this year.

  12. The Ars Technica ultimate holiday gift guide 2020

    We propose some last-minute tech gift ideas for the various people in your life.

  1. Russian hackers hit US government using widespread supply chain attack

    Russia’s Cozy Bear is trojanizing business software to infect organizations worldwide.

  2. Stroll down memory lane with this 1996 instructional video on How to Internet

    Everything You Need to Know About... Introduction to the Internet is on the Internet Archive.

  3. Zodiac Killer cipher is cracked after eluding sleuths for 51 years

    Northern California serial murderer sent encoded messages that went uncracked until now.

  4. Apple is full-steam ahead on replacing Qualcomm modems with its own

    SVP Johny Srouji told Apple employees that development kicked off this year.

  5. Where do I go now that CentOS Linux is gone? Check our list

    CentOS was the most famous “RHEL rebuild” by far—but there are others.

  6. Facebook says hackers backed by Vietnam’s government are linked to IT firm

    Group is known for its robust, custom-made malware. IT firm says the link is a mistake.

  7. Boston Dynamics sells to Hyundai Motor Group in $1.1 billion deal

    Boston Dynamics gets access to Hyundai's serious manufacturing supply chain.

  8. “Mass Effect Will Return:” Teaser trailer sets a new (old) direction for the sequel

    Players are not going all the way out to Andromeda this time.

  9. Wormable code-execution flaw in Cisco Jabber has a severity rating of 9.9 out of 10

    The company failed to adequately fix the vulnerability before, so it’s trying again.

  10. 4 major browsers are getting hit in widespread malware attacks

    Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Yandex are all affected in widespread ad-injection campaign.

  11. Ex-Apple employees say company ignored China labor-law violations

    A dispatch-worker law led to studies, debate within Apple—but not enough action.

  12. Google breaks SMS on many Android phones, is rolling back changes now

    Android’s Carrier Services app, which has over a billion downloads, is on the fritz.